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Site Administrator
Send any comments, questions, suggestions related to this web site. Also email any Abbott & Costello questions you might have to this address. I am the A&C trivia expert on this site. I do not know everthing, but know plenty.
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Chris Costello
Send any comments and questions relating to Lou Costello and the licensing rights to Abbott and Costello.

The Abbott and Costello Collectables site focuses on licensed Abbott & Costello products, there are also other comedy legends in the product pool. All products being offered are licensed and in no way infringe upon the rights of the individual estates.

Abbott and Costello Collectables Website


The following base directors publish monthly newsletters. There is no cost to you except postage. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for further information on how to receive your monthly issues of the following publications:

The News Hangs High
c/o Bill Honor
Box 5566
Fort Wayne, IN 46895-5566

(This is the monthly newsletter, not to be confused with the all-new supplimental issue between Quarterlies)

Who's On First In N.Y.
c/o Robert Attanasia
254 Bement Ave
Stanten Island, N.Y. 10310

Private Notes
c/o Kim Kruithoff
2128 Dewey Street
Sioux City, Iowa 51109

If you would like information published in these issues (Bulletin Board requests; A&C events; news on the boys; articles; etc.) please direct to the individual base director. Please be sure to always enclose a SASE when requesting a response.


Abbott & Costello


Lou Costello Jr. Recreation Center in East Los Angeles


Universal Studios A&C site
Good site about bud and lou. Includes some video clips.
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Bud & Lou

The Foremost Abbott and Costello Impressionists in the Country.
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The Ultimate Abbott & Costello Tribute Show

Bill Riley and Joe Ziegler are excellent A&C impersonators.
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Fort Lee Film Commission

This commission plans on hosting an A&C film event every year. So check this site periodically for a schedule.
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The Unofficial Abbott and Costello Blog

A fan will be doing movie reviews, book reviews and any other Abbott and Costello review he can find.
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Old Time Radio

You can find Abbott and Costello radio shows for sale here.
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Classic Horror

Interview of Chris Costello.
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Lou Costello Statue

Here is a link showing the Lou Costello Statue in Patterson NJ.
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A&C Models

Finshed classic A&C models which were sold back in the 1960's.
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You can purchase A&C Castle films here.
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Abbott & Costello Collection

A site selling original A&C posters, movie cards, and signatures.
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Brian's Drive-In Theater

General information about Abbott & Costello.
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Rich Scrivani (Abbott & Costello)

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Stomp Tokyo video reviews

A review of A&C Meet Frankenstein.
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The Big Cartoon Database

A comprehensive list of information on all the A&C cartoon episodes.
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